Night walk by the mysterious Córdoba

Discover the dark side of the legendary city


Feel Cordoba from a different and innovative point of view.


This spooky night tour offers people like you the chance to get surprised with fascinating real stories that have happened in this city: haunted housesgoblins fables, exorcisms, the most horrible murders, witches leyends...


Meet the darkest face of a city with a high paranormal activity.



Language: English


Type: private visit. Write us at least 15 days before to specify the date and time of the visit. We only organize walks in English if we meet a minimum group of 5 people.


Duration: 1h and 30 minutes.


Price: 15 €



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"Córdoba Misteriosa, que se está convirtiendo en un fenómeno en aquella ciudad"

Iker Jiménez


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